Answers to Common Questions: Emotional Detox FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about emotional detox and counseling

How frequently do I have to take my sessions?

This depends on the nature and severity of the issue being addressed. The counselling sessions are structured based on the latest evidence and best practices. Ms Namrata Singhal advises weekly sessions and recommends 5-6 sessions at the outset.

Can my issues be solved in one session?

One session, very likely, is not enough! Counselling and therapy work best when goals and timelines are defined. We recommend our clients opt for strategically designed and well-thought-out care plans. The care plans are designed to achieve goals at different stages of the process

How many sessions does it take to solve problems?

The number of sessions would depend on the problem at hand. It is usually analysed in the first session. That said, counselling is a time-taking process and it may take multiple sessions to go deep into it.

How long does a session last?

Usually, sessions are 45 or 50 minutes in duration. But in some cases, depending on the issue and the frequency of sessions, Ms Namrata Singhal might opt for a longer session as well. This, however, is entirely at the discretion of Emotional Detox. It is good practice to stick to session timings. However, in exceptional circumstances, if your session is running over time because a critical issue is being explored, you can request Emotional Detox for an extension which will be accommodated solely based on discretion and availability. The extension fee would be prorated.

How effective is online counsling?

Research has revealed that online counselling is as impactful as in-person counselling; in many cases, the impact has been even more sustained and long-lasting. Online counselling techniques enable clients to access a therapist from anywhere, at a convenient time while maintaining privacy and confidentiality. The online interaction makes the process non-threatening and allows clients to feel more comfortable and express themselves better.

Is online therapy safe?

Ms Namrata Singhal understands that your privacy is critical. Emotional Detox ensures that all communications are safe and confidential. Your safety is the highest priority for Emotional Detox. Tools used by Emotional Detox are end-to-end encrypted and at-rest encrypted.

What is online counselling? Is it effective?

Online counselling and therapy services are conducted through real-time video conferencing where Ms Namrata Singhal will have virtual face-to-face interaction with individuals, audio consultation through a phone, or a live chat session over the internet.

What are the different modes of therapy offered by Namrata Singhal

Ms Namrata Singhal offers counselling through face to face sessions, Real-time video sessions, telephonic consultations, and real-time chat.

What is Namrata Singhal's education qualification?

Psychologist Ms Namrata Singhal is a well qualified psychologist with a Master's in Clinical Psychology.

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